How to download Jio TV app for PC (Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 XP and Vista, Mac, Linux)


Jio TV app is a TV streaming app, which become increasingly popular these days. Together with other Jio apps from Reliance Jio Company and Pokemon Go, this is by far the best app of 2016 & 2017. This app is daily updated with a wide range of TV channels across languages and genres. There are around 400+ TV channels available on Jio TV, including 55+ HD channels. This would be a great fancy for all TV programm lovers in all around the world. Thus, no matter who you are, where you are from, you will not have to worry about any app restriction to enjoy your favorite TV shows.

Why you should have this app installed:

– Pause & Play Live TV Channels whenever you want: Never miss a moment of your favorite TV shows. You can record live TV programm from the point you left off and watch later when you have more time.

– Never miss a programm with the 7 day Catch Up of your favorite channels. Jio TV allows you to telecast all TV shows in past 7 days.

– Easily search for TV shows/programmes using filter (languages, genres,…)

– Explore app in multi language so you do not have to worry about language barrier in this app.

– Add channel / programmes to your favorite or Set Reminders for upcoming programm.

– Choose the quality definition at which you want the video to be displayed on TV just as conveniently as on Youtube

Jio TV provides social sharing feature. What is more enjoyable than sharing your favorite show on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace….and discuss about it with your friends.

Jio TV is among four apps by Jio (Jio Music, Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio Mags) that can be installed on PC although this app is only officially released on Android and iOS platform. You can easily enjoy this app your desktop or laptop if you installed Android Emulators on your PC or simply just using ARC Welder Extension by Google Chrome.

How to download Jio TV app on PC:

May I watch Jio TV on my desktop/laptop? The answer is YES. Although this app is not released on Windows app store but thank to open source platform-Android, it is possible for us to download and enjoy this app on PC. There is no special requirement for android app on PC so the chance of installing Jio TV app on PC is very clear but to make sure that Android emulator would run smoothly on your PC without any lag, I would recommend that the minimum RAM is 1GB.

Here are detailed tutorials for you:

How to download Jio TV for PC using Android Emulators

As Android is an open source platform, you can find many Android Emulator on your PC (Nox, Bluestacks, MEmu are the best emulators and you can find their reviews and rating in my previous post Jio TV on all platforms).

  1.   Install Android emulator on your PC
  2.   Download Jio TV app for PC here and save to your PC
  3.    Open Android Emulator on your PC
  4.    Accept software installed from external sources (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  5.    Drag or Add downloaded apk file (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some minutes
  6.   Jio TV app installed on your PC, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy all TV shows

How to download Jio TV for PC using ARC Welder Extension

  1.  Have Chrome Browser with Arc Welder Extension installed on your PC (you can find this extension here)
  2.  Download Jio TV apk here and save to your PC
  3.   Open Chrome and Arc Welder extension
  4.   Add downloaded apk (step 2) to the arc welder extension and wait for some minutes to load this file
  5.   Now Jio TV app is ready on your PC, you can open and follow instruction appearing on screen and enjoy all TV programmes

Ratings and Reviews from users

Mr.Abhishek Pradhan: Best TV app to replace your Cable TV This app has all the features necessary to replace your existing HD Cable or DTH connection because it has 411 channels ( as of writing), past seven days content may be viewed at one’s discretion, schedule future recordings (unlimited I guess) and no need of providing storage space for those recordings as it is stored in JIO servers. Did I miss out any other major feature? Get rid of your existing cable or DTH connection and enjoy the future of TV, aka IPTV or Internet TV. All the best Jio TV.

Surajit Baishya: Best TV App Ever Seen Jio TV is million times better than all other live TV app. It has all channels, which are only available on DTH. Jio TV has both SD and HD channels. Jio TV is completely free of any subscription. Now no need to watch live TV on the home television. We can watch TV on the go in Jio TV. It’s really the best live TV app in the world. I can watch high quality channels without any buffering. Thanks Jio team for such a greatest application.

It’s very nice and its excellent If anyone is not having TV in his/her home then he/she can see on Jio TV and sometime we have gone out of station and there is no TV so we can see in Jio TV

Jhalak…… Its very nice and its excellent If anyone is not having TV in his/her home then he/she can see on Jio TV and sometime we have gone out of station and there is no TV so we can see in Jio TV

Meet Trivedi: Very Ease to use Jio TV is basically giving an HD quality non stoppable video which is very useful and it covers all the channels that we watch in routine and basically i loved this application because of Live BIG BOSS 10 channel

Shanu Agrawal: Nice App I really liked the app as it provides live TV very reliably. As I’m far from my home and din have TV here so I used it whenever I miss my idiot box. Super like

ASHOK PATEL: Excellent app but user interface is not friendly The app is best till date .It is what TV means .But UI must be improved because it’s quite messy and unfriendly..

GOURAB PAUL: Stupendous app It is very much helpful app where u can enjoy the experience of television without actually paying for it..

ayush bajpai: A good app by Jio Covered almost all TV channel with some hd quality also easy to find and can also watch old broadcast series of any show … it

Pps Avinash007: Superb the best TV app I had ever seen and its clarity Is also good and it’s is like watching a TV in front me THANK U Jio for giving us a wonderful digital TV

deepika jayswar: Superb Very nice app never let you bore we can watch live TV anywhere any time and also sync all episodes and everything till 1 week ago

Tinderpal Singh said Jio TV is world best site of live TV I loved and loved. I am using this from April 2016 and now i always use to this for seen my favorite show movies and the best it show 7 days old episode so I never missed my favorite’s show

Nice app Super app for see the live TV…n u know that u can recording all the episode n movie who cannot see the correct time, overall this app is super

Harman singh: Just download it good free app i can any channel any time live also for just 0rs lifetime having fun and loving it

Syed Saqline Masum: Awesome TV Lovely portable TV Best app by Jio. Best TV app in Google play store…. But add more kids channel like hangman…and more regional(like- Bengali) channels….


Q: Do i need to be a Jio customer if i want to use Jio TV?

A: No, Jio TV, JiobMags, Jio Cinema, Jio Music do not require any Jio Sim, you just need to have Jio account to log in. To sign up for a Jio account, install myjio app and follow instructions on the screen.

Q: I’m living in Australia. May i stream India TV show?

A: Of course, you can download Jio TV app for PC and watch it on your PC or any devices.

Q: I get this message when I play any channel on Jio TV. The error is “We just encountered an unexpected error! Please try again. (81023681)”. How to fix this?

A: Check your internet connection again.

Q: I get the error when I play any channel on Jio TV. It is happening today. The error is “We just encountered an unexpected error! Please try again. (81023681)”

A: You should download older version of here, or re-install this app.

Q: How can I view programm/episode synopsis?

A: Please go to the TV Guide and select the programm (by long pressing on the programm) for which you want more information. You will see the details of the programm on the screen.

Q: I want to watch a programm that has already been telecast. Is this possible?

A: Jio TV’s ‘Catch Up’ feature lets you watch programm telecast over the past seven days. Catch Up feature is currently available for select channels.

Q: How can I watch programmes that were telecast within the past seven days?

A: To Catch Up on a programm telecast over the past seven days, use the ‘Catch Up’ feature as follows:

  1. a) TV guide: Long press on the programm name/title you want to watch in the TV guide. This will open the programm Detail screen, listing the programm episodes telecast on the channel over the past seven days and available in Catch Up. Select the episode you want to watch and press Play.
  2. b) Quick search: You can type the programm name in the search bar, to search for the programm. Select your programm from the search result to go to the programm detail screen, listing all the programm episodes telecast in the last seven days. Watch your episode by pressing Play.


App update:

2016-09-29, Jio TV reach 10,000,000+ users on Google Play store2016-05-04, JioTV was first released, named Jio Play

2016-09-07, Jio TV reach 5,000,000+ users on Google Play store2016-05-22, Jio TV reach 100,000+users on Google Play store

2016-08-31, Jio TV was renamed from Jio Play to Jio TV

2016-08-02, Jio TV reach 1,000,000+ users on Google Play store

2016-07-11, Jio TV reach 500,000+ users on Google Play store

2016-05-22, Jio TV reach 100,000+users on Google Play store

2016-05-04, JioTV was first released, named Jio Play

+ Channels update:

Update December 23rd, 2016 (check at this)

Hindi HD+SD Channel (142)

English SD + HD Channels (60)

Telugu HD+SD Channels (47)

Tamil HD+SD Channels (34)

Malayalam HD+SD Channels (25)

Kannada HD+SD Channels (22)

Marathi HD+SD Channels (16)

Bengali HD+SD Channels (15)

Oriya SD Channels (15)

Assamese SD Channels (12)

Gujrati SD Channels (9)

SD Channels (6)

Punjabi SD Channels (6)

Urdu SD Channels (6)

Nepali SD Channels (1)

Total: 414+

September 9th, 2016: Reliance Jio increases number of channels on Jio TV to 368 channels (There are 112 news channels, 90 entertainment channels, 23 infotainment channels, 32 movie channels and 31 music channels on the platform.

Number in language Hindi (131), English (55), Telugu (36) and Tamil (32).

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The complete tutorial is very easy to follow, isn’t it? Tell me if you like this step-by-step post or not. If you have any problem or question about how to download and install Jio TV, feel free to comment bellow, I will try my best to find solution for you


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